We consider the Product Development Manager essential to solving our mission, with the rapid growth of clients in the food ingredients sector. You will report to the COO and work closely with the team to grow ProfilePrint’s business. 

Responsible for: 

  • Leading and coordinating product development teams, including and not limited to product designers and product management associates.
  • Collecting new product feature requests and feature change requests from both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Translating business logic and R&D output into specific, measurable and actionable requirements for product designers and software developers.
  • Setting priority of product design and development tasks.
  • Shape and size the scope of each build carefully to ensure planned datelines are achievable and realistic.
  • Ensure the build scope is approved by management before commencement of design.
  • Lead the product design team through the design process and ensure the design meets all the build requirements stated in the build scope.
  • Ensuring product designs are approved by management before they are built.
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) of a new product to ensure it is built per design and requirements.
  • Conducting product demonstrations to internal stakeholders.
  • Producing product update tutorials for all stakeholders.

Collaborate with:

  • Product Operations to gain a deep understanding of user feedback, experience and satisfaction
  • Senior management for high level product development strategy, roadmap and high level priorities.
  • Internal and external stakeholders for new product feature requests and feature change requests
  • Science and engineering teams for the R&D output.
  • Marketing team for design alignment to company branding identity.
  • Software developers to build the product according to design and requirements.

Skills in:

  • Leadership of teams
  • Strong communication and coordination skills, including and not limited to stakeholders from multiple departments and senior management.
  • Managing complexity and ability to make sense and adapt to fluid situations rapidly
  • Setting correct priority resource/time constraints to drive the delivery of results.
  • Understanding of LEAN, AGILE, SCRUM frameworks, and ability to work within a ticketing system.
  • Understanding how product designers work is a plus.
  • Understanding how software developers work is a plus.
  • Understanding how engineers, scientists and data scientists work are a plus.