Detecting Adulteration, Protecting Brand Integrity

Safeguarding Quality and Maintaining Consistency of Instant Coffee Across Global Operations

Detecting Adulteration, Protecting Brand Identity

Safeguarding Quality and Maintaining Consistency of Instant Coffee Across Global Operations


Maintaining consistent quality across the supply chain can be challenging. Agribusinesses like coffee traders face the risk of receiving adulterated products, impacting both financial margins and brand reputation. Visual detection is unreliable, and traditional methods like chromatography and spectrometry are time-consuming and expensive, making routine testing impractical for routine screening of large volumes of shipments.

Solution: AI-Powered Adulteration Detection

ProfilePrint offers a SaaS solution that empowers coffee traders with a faster, more efficient approach to quality control. Our AI model leverages advanced learning techniques to analyse the chemical fingerprint of instant coffee samples and identify potential adulteration.

Our client, a global coffee trader, sought a solution to detect adulteration in their instant coffee shipments. Specifically, they were concerned about the presence of maltodextrin and chicory, commonly used adulterants that can negatively impact taste and quality.

ProfilePrint trained a customised model to recognise the unique chemical signatures of pure instant coffee, coffee mixed with maltodextrin, and coffee mixed with chicory, at concentrations ranging from 0-60%. This model was then tested on six blind samples with unknown levels of adulteration.

ProfilePrint successfully predicted the type and level of adulteration in each sample, with a maximum error rate of only 4%. This surpassed the client’s desired accuracy threshold of 10%.


  • Rapid Adulteration Detection: ProfilePrint enables near real-time detection of adulteration, allowing for swift action to be taken against fraudulent suppliers. This protects both financial resources and brand reputation
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Our solution streamlines quality control processes, eliminating the need for time-consuming and expensive laboratory analysis for every shipment. This allows for more efficient use of resources

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: ProfilePrint provides valuable data on the presence and level of adulteration, empowering businesses to make informed decisions about sourcing and supplier relationships

ProfilePrint offers a powerful tool for agribusinesses in the coffee industry to safeguard quality and combat adulteration. By leveraging AI-powered analysis, we provide a rapid, cost-effective solution that empowers businesses to make informed decisions and maintain consistent quality throughout their supply chain.

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