White Paper

Tasting the Spectrum: Predicting Black Tea Varieties

Tea stands as the second-highest consumed beverage globally, after water. Among various types of tea, black tea remains the most widely grown and consumed.

As the black tea trade grows in both scale and complexity, a notable challenge arises. This challenge emerged from the possibility of growing a particular tea variety in a geographical area that has been traditionally cultivating a different tea variety. This departure from conventional cultivation practices adds complexity in identifying different varieties of black tea. Therefore, there is a need for a simple yet rapid method to determine the precise tea variety.

With ProfilePrint’s solution, a successful model build was achieved, resulting in a 7-class classifier with 89% accuracy on a blind test set, despite a relatively small sample size of 36 lots of diverse morphologies. This underscores the possibility of ProfilePrint being used as a tool for monitoring the consistency and identity of tea varieties, enabling traders to buy and sell with greater confidence. Read more in our white paper.

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