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Knowledge Base

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Explore our software in the Sandbox. Please approach the product team for access to the Sandbox.


Part 1

Introduction to ProfilePrint and platform

Part 2

Science behind ProfilePrint

Part 3

Hands-on practice and Troubleshooting


This is to align all employees of ProfilePrint on the company, our value proposition, the technology, its applications etc.

ProfilePrint is an AI-driven predictive and prescriptive food profiler. Its patented food fingerprinting technology provides users with accessible, affordable and portable solutions to predict outcomes at the point of use, within seconds. ProfilePrint’s solution allows sellers and buyers to ascertain the agreed quality of food ingredients digitally, expediting existing assessment processes and facilitating trade – from the farm all the way to end-buyers.

ProfilePrint is a Singapore-based company with a global footprint. For more information, please visit

ProfilePrint is an AI-driven food profiler, with a patented food fingerprinting technology that allows users to predict outcomes within seconds.

Additional angles/information:

  • ProfilePrint is a rapid food ingredient analysis solution that leverages on AI to provide an objective snapshot of the quality of a food ingredient, within seconds
  • ProfilePrint’s patented AI food fingerprinting technology empowers any untrained user to ascertain the quality of a food ingredient like an expert

We are an agri-food tech company based in Singapore, with sales offices in Belgium, Japan, and soon to open in China. Founded in 2017, we are funded by the world’s largest food ingredient conglomerates (such as Cargill, Olam, LDC, Sucafina and Sinar Mas), international venture capital funds and the Singapore government.

Natural ingredients have unique molecular signatures – even between origin, condition, climate etc. We capture this by exciting the molecules with short wavelength electromagnetic spectrum, and digitise this information in the form of a “digital food fingerprint”.

ProfilePrint’s patented AI food fingerprinting technology is able to synthesise complex interrelated parameters and sensory data into a single digital fingerprint, allowing users to rapidly predict quality and profile of a food sample within seconds, after they have built their AI models.

ProfilePrint expedites existing quality assessment processes and offers sellers and buyers a common digital reference point, expediting existing quality assessment processes and facilitating trade. It is:

  • Affordable (compared to laboratory testing and human panels)
  • Rapid
  • Flexible (different models can be built for multiple verticals)
  • Non-destructive
  • Portable and accessible
  • ProfilePrint combines both sensor technology and a SaaS platform to assess a food ingredient at any point in the supply chain
  • The portable analyser captures molecular signatures of food ingredients, and this data is processed using our proprietary AI technology in the cloud to generate predictions

It is a 3-step process:

  1. First, our analyser captures the molecular signatures of the food ingredient;
  2. Second, we process this data using our proprietary algorithm stored in the cloud to build the best model that can generate the most accurate predictions for your specific use case;
  3. Third, this prediction is generated as a digital report for clients

For example, if you are building a sensory model for coffee beans, then we train this model with coffee samples and data from your existing assessment methods, like expert Q-graders. The more data we have to train the model, the more robust it will be. When we apply this model with an unknown coffee sample scanned by our analyser, it is able to predict the sensory profile of this coffee without human tasting.

ProfilePrint leverages on AI to process both small data of the product such as its molecular signature, and big data such as origin; weather; altitude etc. to generate insights and predictions.

When it comes to sensory predictions, words like “bitterness”, “astringency”, “umami” are descriptive words that may not mean the same to different tasters  We deploy AI to recognise patterns based on data that have been provided by the client (for example, from their master tasters). With sufficient training data, the AI can recognise patterns to help generate a prediction based on how they correlate to the actual raw ingredient’s molecular signature. 

ProfilePrint can incorporate critical control points into the monitoring process so clients can apply corrective action if problems arise at any stage of the supply chain from sourcing, manufacturing to fulfilment.

ProfilePrint is currently focused on coffee, cocoa, tea, grains and oilseeds. ProfilePrint can technically be used for all ingredients as long as the samples have a molecular signature difference.

ProfilePrint currently has four main solutions/modules:

  1. ProfilePrint Hub (specific to coffee industry, no need to mention if not relevant to the client): AI-powered cupping reports for green coffee beans, according to SCA’s grading protocols.
  2. Classify: Rapidly classify food ingredients based on its signature profile. E.g. pass/fail, grades, country of origin etc.
  3. Profile: Ascertain multiple complex and interrelated parameters, including sensorial parameters, chemical or physical attributes such as moisture, density, fat etc.
  4. Blend: Suggest match or a blend of ingredients to achieve the required profile

ProfilePrint Hub allows anyone to be able to grade green coffee beans using ProfilePrint.

ProfilePrint generates a digital report of green arabica coffee beans based on a model trained by expert Q-graders, and according to SCA’s green coffee grading protocols. This includes cupping scores and other sensory profiles, all without the need to roast, grind or cup.

With just 50g of samples, sellers can receive their ProfilePrint cupping reports that can be shared digitally with their buyers globally. Buyers are also able to more confidently purchase specialty arabica beans scored by ProfilePrint’s AI Q-grader model.

Currently, we have launched a model for green arabica coffee beans, according to global standards set by SCA, and trained by expert Q-graders. We are working on models for other verticals, such as cocoa and rice.

ProfilePrint’s HQ is in Singapore, and we have sales offices in Belgium, Japan and China. Our systems are currently deployed in 26 cities across 5 continents (North America, Latin America, Africa, Europe, and Asia).

Note: These problems may not be the same for every one, but in general:

Expensive and onerous process

  • Currently: Current methods of quality assessment vary from laboratory testing which is expensive and time consuming, to human tasters, which is onerous and subjective
  • With ProfilePrint: ProfilePrint’s technology is affordable, rapid, and accessible

Unfair pricing

  • Currently: At the producer (or farmer) level, crops are visually graded, and this subjectivity can result in unjustified price point for farmers. In addition, some farmers are also paid based on volume regardless of crop quality, which does not incentivise them to improve farming methods. Farmer poverty continues to worsen despite increasing demand for premium quality and continuous improvement of farming methods
  • With ProfilePrint: ProfilePrint allows producers greater insight and clarity into the quality of their beans, allowing them to set fairer prices for their crop. Similarly, buyers also have a better understanding of the product prior to purchase, and can be more assured of its quality and consistency, allowing them to more confidently make their purchase

No common standard

  • Currently: Often, multiple rounds of sampling is required before a decision is made. Even after a purchase, buyer and seller may still disagree that it was the quality that had been agreed upon earlier, leading to potential wastage
  • With ProfilePrint: ProfilePrint’s rapid food ingredient analysis solution provides an objective snapshot of the quality of a food ingredient. ProfilePrint is transforming the food ingredient supply chain by digitalising the entire food sampling process, allowing users to search for, or grade, food based on its molecular signature without physical samples.
  • Food verticals that have high velocity and highly differentiated products that require rapid quality assessment
  • Key stakeholders along the entire supply chain (i.e. manufacturers, traders, exporters, cooperatives, farmers/producers)
  • All sizes of companies – from food conglomerates to MNCs, SMEs and start-ups

As of 2022, we serve some of the world’s largest food conglomerates, including Cargill, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), Olam, Sinar Mas and Sucafina, who are also our strategic investors since our last funding round in August 2022.

We also serve global food manufacturers as well as mid-sized traders, cooperatives, and farmers.

We have various solutions to cater to each client’s needs:

  1. For food companies, manufacturers etc.: ProfilePrint offers a subscription-based model
  • Standard rate is US$15,000 per year on a subscription basis, which will include rental of the ProfilePrint analyser and full access to the modules available on the SaaS platform (classify, predict, blend)
  • Model building and customisation costs an additional US$5,000 to US$10,000 per model
    • In general, it can cost between US$15,000 to US$30,000 depending on how much customisation and support is needed
    • Why do we run on a subscription-model? This allows us to offer clients the most updated versions of our solution (at a small fee, if at all)
  1. For green coffee bean farmers and producers:
    • Pay-per-use at US$10 per report
    • Partners (cooperatives etc.) at US$5 per report

Traditionally, to sell internationally, producers will need to send the cupping score of their beans to their buyer.

Producers will need to either cup their beans personally, which to buyers, may not be reliable in terms of cupping score, or to send it for lab testing, which is expensive at about US$50 per report, which will take 2 to 3 weeks.

ProfilePrint has a global SCA model trained by expert Q-graders, which includes cupping scores and other sensory profiles, all without the need to roast, grind or cup. With just 50g of samples, sellers can receive their ProfilePrint cupping reports that can be shared digitally with their buyers globally. This is affordable at US$10 per report, and takes just 5 working days upon receipt of beans in Singapore. Buyers are also able to more confidently purchase specialty arabica beans scored by ProfilePrint’s AI Q-grader model, especially as we act like a neutral party.

Beyond the immediate operating efficiencies and cost-savings we bring to the supply chain, ProfilePrint drives sustainability in a big way. Our technology provides traceability features allowing end buyer to access the digital signatures as well as geographical and harvest records of the ingredient they consume. It alleviates farmer poverty by ensuring that they are paid more fairly based on quality and ultimately providing more d objectivity in the industry.

Also, carbon footprint is significantly reduced now that we require a smaller amount of ingredients for assessment (e.g. 50g instead of 500g for green coffee beans) and with the reduced need for shipping samples, roasting and human tasting, reducing carbon footprint.

  • We are currently applying for ISO27001 to enhance our cyber security posture
  • We do not share client-data. Each clients have their own dedicated and exclusive access to their own data


Welcome onboard! We hope that with this short handbook, you will get to know the team and company better. We also look forward to getting to know you as you journey with us at ProfilePrint. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Getting Set Up

Company: ProfilePrint Pte. Ltd.

UEN: 201810517M

Incorporation date: 28 March 2018

Email: [email protected]

Address: 20 Lengkok Bahru, #01-14 Enabling Village, Singapore 159053

Contact number: +65 8769 0918


SGD Bank Information: 3393213009

USD Bank Information: 3399065028


Bank code: 7375

United Overseas Bank Limited

80 Raffles Place

Singapore 048624


Wifi: asus_router

Password: pzzc%P!2Q7T8

On your first day of work, you will receive your company equipment, and will have to sign off on an equipment handover form. Your direct manager will then brief you. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your direct manager, HR, or the GM. Being a newcomer is never easy, and we hope to support you the best we can!

During onboarding, you will be provided with your email address. Sign in at, with password: Teapasar123. Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to enter a new password. You will also have to update your email signature, ask your direct superior to send you an email, and edit the information as necessary.

We use MS Teams for online meetings, and its ‘Rooms’ for team-specific discussions. All files and resources are also currently shared in MS Teams. Most files are under “ProfilePrint” > “General”, or “ProfilePrint” > “BD”. Your direct manager will share more specific information about where you can find the assets you require for your job.

We hold a monthly All-Hands and quarterly Townhall. Please be punctual for this meeting, as this is company-wide. During this meeting, the different team heads will update the rest of the company on important progress and any other updates. The location and date of the meeting will be advise at least 1 week prior the meeting.

Booking in and out of the ProfilePrint Analyser

If, as part of your job, you are required to borrow the analysers for client demos or for any other purpose, fill in the form accordingly here. Please ensure that you conduct a proper check of the analyser both before and after you have taken and returned the analyser respectively. While the analyser is within your possession, please ensure that you treat it with care.

Issuing of Invoices

We use Xero to issue invoices to clients who we offer products and services to.



Log in email

[email protected]



Once logged in, navigate to “Invoices” > “Create New Invoice”. Input client’s name, due date of invoice (usually within 30 days), details of the product/service rendered, and price(s). Do note that ProfilePrint is not a GST-registered company, so amounts are without tax. Once completed, select “Approve” then send the invoice to your client.

Issuing of Bills

Bills are purchases we’ve made, and invoices received from our suppliers requesting payment. Similar to Invoices, this is done via Xero. 

Once you have received an invoice from a supplier, log into Xero and select “Bills” > “Create New Bill”, then input all necessary information and attach the invoice received.

Next, send an email to [email protected] and [email protected] with the following template, and remember to attach the invoice in this email – 

Template for Bill:

Hi Alan,

Please see attached invoice from [Supplier Name]. This was for the purchase of [Details of Purchase]. This has also been uploaded onto Xero.

Payment details: [Insert supplier’s payment details, e.g. bank account or preferably PayNow].



Employment Policies

All employees have a probation period, length of which depends on your seniority and job scope. This probation period is for both parties (ProfilePrint and yourself) to assess if there is alignment, and whether the job is a good fit for you. After your probation, we will conduct an appraisal.

Annual Leave

All employees are entitled to 14 days of annual leave. This 14 days will be accorded at the start of every year. This will be prorated if the employee decides to resign, and will be deducted from the last month’s salary. 

A maximum of 7 days of annual leave may be accumulated for a period not exceeding 6 months, but this must be used by 31 May, otherwise it will be forfeited. 

Please download the PayBoy app to: 

  • Apply for leaves – your superior will receive a notification to approve your leaves.
  • Track your leaves
  • Check for leave confirmation. 
To learn how to use the app, please refer to the link here.
For a leave period of 1 week or more, we require 2 weeks notice. 
For a leave period of 6 days or less, we require 3 days notice. 
If you need to take urgent leave, please update your direct manager as soon as convenient.

Medical Leave

All employees are entitled to medical leave not exceeding 14 working days in each calendar year, pro-rated, on production of a medical certificate. When hospitalisation is necessary, employees are entitled up to a maximum of 30 working days paid leave each calendar year, pro-rated.

To apply for medical leave, please use the PayBoy app to upload your MC and inform your direct superior. 

Public Holidays

All employees are entitled to 11 paid public holidays a year, as per MOM’s list here. If a public holiday falls on a rest day, the next working day will be a paid holiday, and you will be given either a day off, or off-in-lieu. 

Maternity and Paternity Leave

Eligible parents who have been employed for at least three months are entitled to 16 and 2 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave respectively, as per MOM’s regulations here (maternity leave) and here (paternity leave).

To apply for ML or PL, please inform the company at least four months prior so we can make the necessary arrangements. After your child is born, we will require some information from you so we can apply for Government-Paid-Leave (GPL). 

Childcare Leave

Eligible parents who have been employed for at least three months are eligible for up to six days of childcare leave a year for children below the age of seven, as per MOM’s regulations. Childcare leave cannot be brought forward to the next year.

Our usual hours of employment are 9am to 6.30pm, with a 1-hour lunch break, from Mondays to Fridays excluding public holidays. Occasionally, you may be required to work beyond your usual working hours whenever necessary.

If work is done on a weekend or a public holiday, employee must get approval from their direct manager for off-in-lieu, before applying via the PayBoy app. 

  • Less than 4 hours of work = 0.5 days of off-in-lieu
  • 4 hours or more of work = 1 day off-in-lieu
  • All off-in-lieu must be cleared within 1 month, otherwise it will be forfeited

As an employee, you will receive a company-issued laptop (and other devices if necessary). Any equipment offered belongs to the company, and you are responsible for keeping the equipment safe and in good condition.

During onboarding, you will have to sign off on an equipment handover form. Similarly, when you leave the company, you are expected to return all equipment listed on the form, in good condition.

Please clean up after yourselves before leaving the office. The last person leaving the office should ensure all lights and the air-conditioners are switched off. Please follow the duty roaster and clear the trash with your team on designated days. 

Employees will unavoidably receive and handle personal and private information about clients, partners and our company. We want to make sure that this information is well-protected. Intellectual property includes trade secrets; data; technology processes; digital and intangible assets; software codes; plant variety rights; know-how; geographical indications and graphical user interfaces.

Confidential information may include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • Unpublished financial information;
  • Data of clients, partners or vendors;
  • Patents, formulas, algorithms or new technologies;
  • Client lists;
  • Unpublished goals, forecasts and initiatives;

What you are expected to do:

  • Keep such information confidential and to use it solely in the interest of the company;
  • Only disclose information to other employees when necessary and authorised;
  • Keep confidential documents within the company’s premises;
  • Keep confidential and not disclose any information to any third party without first obtaining written consent during the employment, and for three years after its end.

What you should not do:

  • Use confidential information for any personal benefit or profit;
  • Disclose confidential information to anyone outside our company;
  • Replicate confidential documents and files and store them on insecure or private devices.

When in doubt, you should treat information acquired in the course of your employment in the strictest confidence, and consult your manager for clarification. All copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual and proprietary rights created during the course of your employment belong solely to the company.

At the end of your employment, you are obliged to deliver all materials, records, databases, documents and any other papers that are in your possession and that are our property, or that otherwise relate to our business, and you will not retain any copies. Employees who do not respect our confidentiality policy will face disciplinary and possibly even legal action. This policy is binding even after separation of employment.

ProfilePrint wants to foster a work environment where employees maintain clear boundaries between personal and business interactions, as is necessary for effective business operations. However, we do not want to place undue restrictions on employees dating each other. We do have two explicit prohibitions:

  • We strictly prohibit supervisors from dating their direct-reports;
  • We strictly prohibit non-consensual relationships.

This policy outlines our guidelines and provisions for preserving the security of our data and technological infrastructure. Human errors, hacker attacks and system malfunctions could cause great financial damage and may jeopardise our company’s reputation. As such, we have implemented the following security measures and outlined instructions that may help mitigate risks.

  • Ensure you keep your company-issued computer, tablet and handphone secure:
    • Keep all devices password protected;
    • Ensure you do not leave your device(s) exposed or unattended;
    • Log into company accounts and systems through secure and private networks only;
    • Do not access internal systems and accounts using other people’s devices.
  • Keep your emails safe:
    • Avoid opening attachments and clicking on links when the content is not adequately explained;
    • Be suspicious of clickbait titles;
    • Check email and names of people you have received a message from to ensure it is legitimate;
    • Look for inconsistencies or give-aways (e.g. grammar mistakes, excessive use of exclamation marks etc.).
  • Transfer data securely:
    • Avoid transferring sensitive data (e.g. client information, employee records etc.) to other devices or accounts unless absolutely necessary;
    • Share confidential data over the company’s network, and not over public WiFi;
    • Ensure that recipients of the data are properly authorised people or organisations and have adequate security policies;
    • Report scams, privacy breaches and hacking attempts.
  • Keep your passwords safe:
    • Do not use a common password across your accounts;
    • Use a password manager and generate an alphanumeric password of at least 12 characters (you may use this password generator)
    • When using a new software tool or platform for operations, ensure that management has access as well. This can be done by granting administrative rights or sharing the account.
  • Additional measures. To reduce the likelihood of security breaches, we also instruct our employees to:
    • Turn off your screens and lock your devices when leaving your desk;
    • Report stolen or damaged equipment;
    • Change all account passwords at once when a device is stolen;
    • Report a perceived threat or possible security weakness in company systems;
    • Refrain from downloading suspicious, unauthorised or illegal software on your company equipment;
    • Avoid accessing suspicious websites.

The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe and secure working environment and promote the protection of our assets, especially our valuable analysers! Our office must be kept physically secured to prevent theft, tampering or damage. It is every employee’s responsibility to work toward, maintain and preserve a secure physical work environment:

  • Ensure that you keep your access keys securely;
  • Keys are not to be left unattended in plain view, or in a way that makes it easy to be lost or stolen;
  • If you are the last to leave the office, double-check that you have locked up securely;
  • If you lose your keys, please inform your manager as soon as possible.

At the end of your employment, please return your keys to your manager.

At ProfilePrint, we maintain an inclusive policy of “Best Person for the Job” without prejudice or discrimination. This means we provide the same opportunities for hiring, training, advancement, and benefits without discriminating due to age, sex/gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality, religion, disability, or medical history.

Our anti-harassment policy expresses our commitment to maintain a workplace that is free of harassment so our employees can feel safe and happy. We will not tolerate anyone intimidating, humiliating, or sabotaging others in our workplace.

If you feel you are being harassed, whether by a colleague, client or vendor, please know that you can have an open and honest conversation with any manager you feel most comfortable with, or with Alan himself.

Salary and Promotion

Your salary will be credited by the first 7 days of the following month via PayNow (local) or bank transfer (international).

Please refer to the PayBoy app to get a copy of your payslips. 

Consistently top-performing employees may be eligible to participate in the employment share option scheme of the company. This is evaluated on a year-to-year basis.

For the first year of your employment, you will receive two appraisals – the first one at the 3rd or 6th month mark of your employment to signal the end of your probation if you have performed well, and the second one at the end of the year. Thereafter, we have yearly performance appraisals at the end of the year for all employees, and ad-hoc appraisals when the need arises. 

We have built our performance appraisals to ensure that you understand your job responsibilities, are equipped with the tools to excel during your time with us, and to provide you with actionable and timely feedback on your work.  During your appraisal reviews, your performance will be evaluated and shared with you. This is meant to be a two-way discussion, where we would also like to hear your feedback. 

High-performing employees may also receive pay increments and/or promotions.

Company Benefits and Perks

We have designed our WFH policy to ensure that WFH is beneficial to both our employees and the company. If your job does not require you to be physically present in the office, you may occasionally WFH. We encourage teams to arrange days to WFO to facilitate discussions. Please note that your manager must approve your request to WFH on an extended basis.

All employees must physically attend the monthly All-Hands and quarterly Townhall meeting. 

All employees are covered by WICA, and have basic health coverage. If you are unwell, you may visit a GP and claim for this health expense via Xero. 

All employees who have passed the probation period are covered under HSBC Life hospitalisation and surgical insurance. Please download the HSBC Life SG app to learn more about your policy coverage, and use the app to do your claims when necessary. Please approach HR if you have any questions regarding the insurance coverage and claim.  

We are committed to investing in our employees’ professional development, as they are the backbone of this company. If there are certain courses or resources that you feel are useful or that can make you more efficient, feel free to let you know, and we will be happy to support.

Standard of Conduct

We trust that our employees are mature and responsible enough to manage their own time. However, if you are noted to consistently be absent or tardy, you may face disciplinary action. If you are unable to come to work urgently, please notify your direct manager as soon as you can.

Our company’s official dress code is smart casual – this means no shorts, slippers, singlets etc. If your position requires you to frequently meet with clients, prospects, or external parties in general, please conform to a more formal dress code.


This policy applies to all employees of ProfilePrint as of 17 May 2022. It is a framework that covers what an employee can claim and be reimbused for, while doing business for the company. The reference currency in this policy is Singapore Dollars (SGD) unless otherwise stated.

The expectations of employees:

  • Behave honestly, responsibly and within the guidelines of this policy
  • Seek to keep costs to a minimum where possible in line with the best interests of the business
  • Submit expenses as soon as possible after they have been incurred
  • Provide sufficient details to explain why you have made the purchase and any supplementary details, for example, name and company of meals with client, name of other employees that you have paid on behalf of
  • Keep all receipts

The expectations of Department Head:

  • Ensure expenses are claimed promptly
  • Check that purchases comply with the policy
  • Approve them promptly
  • If employees do not comply with policy, claims should be questioned and can be rejected
  • Persistent or deliberate non-compliance may result in disciplinary action

ProfilePrint has a zero-tolerance approach to bribery in compliance with relevant anti-bribery laws in all the regions in which we operate. Offering or accepting a bribe, or behaving corruptly in anticipation of a bribe or advantage is illegal and a dismissible offence.

Claiming for expenses not incurred; incurred not for business purposes or exaggerating expense claims is a dismissible offence and can result in disciplinary action.

The following travel-related expenses can be claimed:

Air, rail and road travel:

  • Travel itinerary must be pre-approved by the Department Head, who should also give guidance on whether to book flexible or fixed rate tickets.
  • Employees are only allowed to book standard or economy-class tickets. Exceptions must be justified and pre-approved by the Department Head.


  • Hotel accommodation must be pre-approved by the Department Head, who should also give guidance on whether to book flexible or fixed rate accommodation.
  • Where multiple booking options are available across different online sites, the most cost effective option should be selected.
  • As a general benchmark, the cost of accommodation should be equivalent to a standard hotel room (3* or 4* hotel) in the area of travel.

Mobile phones and internet connectivity:

  • When travelling abroad, calls should be made using an internet connection whenever possible.
  • Only business critical calls should be made using a mobile phone service when travelling abroad for business.


  • Taxis or ride-hailing costs (eg. Grab, Uber), whichever is more cost-effective, taken during business trips in the city where the employee is employed or overseas, are reimbursable.
  • Always keep a receipt that includes the date and the amount to be claimed.

Overseas car rental:

  • You can rent cars overseas if it is more cost-effective than taking public transportation or if it is not a practical alternative, and where public transportation is not readily available. Please consult your Department Head if you are unsure.
  • Reasonable parking and fuel charges for overseas car rental will be reimbursed.


Reasonable hotel laundry expenses are permitted for trips longer than 5 days.

Additional Travel-related Expenses:

The following travel-related expenses are acceptable and will be reimbursed:

  • Visa
  • Reasonable amount will be reimbursed for tips/ gratuities in locations where service charges are not automatically included in the expense bill. No extra tips on top of service charge will be reimbursed. No un-evidenced cash tips can be claimed.

Employees can claim for meals while staying overnight or if away from the office for more than half a day when travelling for business.

Breakfast, if included in the hotel rate, should be taken at the hotel and you are not allowed to claim for breakfast. The maximum cost per meal that can be claimed is as follows:

  • SGD 15 per meal (X3) for region 1
  • SGD 30 per meal (X3) for region 2

Region 1: Asia (including Singapore), Africa, LATAM 
Region 2: AU, US, Europe, Japan, Korea 

Meals include drinks and snacks. Take a photo of all the receipt in a single photo and proceed to claim within the meal allowance. (Refer to Expense Claims Process in the later section). 

Meals and entertainment costs with clients above $30 should be pre-approved by the Department Head. All entertainment claims must include a business reason and the name and company of all attendees – even those who work for the Company.

Expenses from hotel mini-bar will not be reimbursed.

Giving gifts is accepted business practice provided it is reasonable in value and has an underlying legitimate business purpose. Gifts for clients must be pre-approved by the Department Head.

The following business-related expenses will also be reimbursed:

  • If your job calls for regular usage of your mobile plan, you will also receive a mobile phone allowance of $40 a month
  • Miscellaneous items that are purchased on behalf of the Company(eg. pantry items, stationery, equipment, cleaning supplies) that cost less than $100 in a single receipt.
  • Items that are purchased on behalf of the Company that cost more than $100 in a single receipt requires approval from the Department Head.

Expense Claims Process

As much as possible, Department Heads should pay (and claim) for reimbursable expenses. Otherwise, please follow these steps for your expense claims, both local and international.

Expense claims are processed at the end of every month, and are paid out within the first seven days of the following month. Claims are to be done before the end of the month. All claims will also need to be accompanied by a receipt/invoice.

  • For overseas travel, receipts paid for in cash should also be accompanied by the receipt from your money changer, so we know what exchange rate to use;
  • For purchases made in other currencies, your invoice should also be accompanied by what your card was actually charged, so we know how much to reimburse you. Example image below:

Step 1: LOG IN

Log into Sarah’s Xero account


Username: [email protected]

Password: P@sswordTea123

Please inform her so she can authorise your login.

Once you have logged in, you will come to the dashboard. Select ‘Expense Claims’. You will come to the image below. All expenses that have been submitted, but not yet approved, will appear under “Submitted”. All expenses that have been submitted, approved, and paid out (to you), will appear under the row “Done”.

Step 2: Input Claims

Fill in the fields accordingly: 

  1. Upload an image: Attach your receipt/invoice here. If the amount charged is not in SGD, you should also include actual amount charged, e.g. receipt from money changer/what your card was actually charged
  2. Purchase amount: This should be in SGD. If it was a cash payment during an overseas trip, use the rates charged by your money changer (with the receipt included in #1)
  3. Description: Always add your name before the description of the item charged (e.g. “Nic – Birthday cake for August babies”
  4. Spent at: Always add your name before whom this payment was made to (e.g. “Nic – Grabfood”)
  5. Spent on: Date of purchase
  6. Account: Select the most appropriate reason for purchase from the drop-down list
  7. Optional – Assign to customer: Ignore this field
  8. Optional – Label: Input your name under “Label”
  9. Subtotal: For purchases after 19 August 2022, select “Standard-rated purchases” under “Select Rate Tax” if GST has been charged, and whether your subtotal includes tax. There may be rounding differences of 1 to 2 cents from the actual receipt, it does not matter. There is no need to override the automatic calculation. If the receipt does not show a GST amount, select “No Tax”

Take note that #3, #4 and #8 should include your name, otherwise the disbursements may be incorrect.

For GST-related claims: 

  • Check the GST amount against bills to ensure that GST charges are correctly recorded
  • For taxi fares (e.g. Grab, Comfort etc.), override the auto GST calculated by Xero and specify the GST amount as per the taxi receipt (as GST for taxi rides are only charged on booking and admin fees only)
  • For telephone bills, do account for GST if it is office-use. Otherwise, do record it without GST (No Tax)

Step 3: Checking Claims

Double check that you have performed Step 2 correctly, by following these steps (image above): 

  1. Select “Filter”
  2. Select your name under the drop-down
  3. Your total will be reflected under “Submitted”

This total is also what will be disbursed to you.


Expense claims are processed at the end of every month, and are paid out within the first seven days of the following month. 


Please note that the terms set out in your employment contract supersedes the policies in this resource page. ProfilePrint also reserves the right to update any of the terms and policies on this page when necessary.

Last updated: 29 Sept 2022