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ProfilePrint inks commercial contracts with three of Brazil’s top food companies, marking its market entry into the world’s largest coffee producing country

ProfilePrint’s AI solution benefits the producer, trader and industry by enabling them to rapidly ascertain the quality of food ingredients.

OFI, LDC and Sucafina sign a contract with ProfilePrint at the Agrifood Tech Networking Reception in Sao Paulo. Standing – Desmond Ng (Head of Mission at the Embassy of Singapore in Brazil). From left to right – Sathyamurthy Mayilswamy (President of LATAM and Cocoa America, Ofi), Hugo Portes (Specialty Managing Trader, Sucafina), Marcelo Pedro, (Executive Director for Coffee, North LATAM, Louis Dreyfus Company), and Alan Lai (Founder and CEO of ProfilePrint). Photo credit Iara Morselli. 

SAO PAULO, 27 February 2023 – ProfilePrint, a Singapore-based company that provides A.I. driven solutions to ascertain and predict the quality and profile of food ingredients, officially announced the signing of commercial contracts to deploy the ProfilePrint technology with three of Brazil’s largest food companies – Louis Dreyfus Company Brasil, Olam Agrícola Ltda (Brazil) and Sucafina Brasil.

Latin America is responsible for 16% of total global exports of food and agricultural products. However, one of the main challenges facing the industry is not being able to ascertain the quality of the food ingredients that are produced and traded as production conditions vary across high-tech farms and small producers. ProfilePrint has managed to address this struggle faced by many in the food ingredient supply chain and has caught the attention of industry giants including Cargill, Olam, Sucafina, Louis Dreyfus Company and Sinarmas. The agrifood tech startup developed an A.I. technology, which predictively and prescriptively analyzes food ingredients such as coffee, cocoa, grains, sugar and juices, with a portable analyzer and a software platform in just a few seconds. Such a technology solution can potentially revolutionize the food ingredient supply chain, by empowering human graders and speeding up the assessment process, thereby significantly reducing the sales cycle by 10 times.

The signing of the commercial contracts with Louis Dreyfus Company Brasil, Olam Agrícola Ltda (Brazil) and Sucafina Brasil was witnessed by Desmond Ng (Head of Mission of the Singapore Embassy in Brazil), Josiah Choy (Regional Director, Enterprise Singapore Brazil), as well as key industry players at the Agrifood Tech Networking Reception on February 27 that brought together some of the biggest names in the food industry.

“We are delighted to hear of ProfilePrint’s entrance into Brazil, one of the world’s largest agrifood economies. The Singapore Embassy and Enterprise Singapore will continue to support the strengthening of technology collaboration and trade relations between the two countries.” says the Head of Mission of the Embassy of Singapore in Brazil, Mr Desmond Ng.

“We are excited to see ProfilePrint establishing their footprint in Brazil and across Latin America, coming from a country where less than 1% of our land is used for agriculture, ProfilePrint developed a solution to empower agribusinesses across the supply chain to be more effective and efficient.” says the Regional Director for Enterprise Singapore (South America), Mr. Josiah Choy.

“Our technological solution powers people to be more effective and advances agribusinesses across the entire chain in Brazil, initially with coffee and cocoa. Without prior training, producers will be able to rapidly ascertain the quality of their crop and get a fairer price on their sales based on its true quality. The buyer on the other hand will be able to instantly and digitally assess the quality of the crops, thereby minimizing the need for sending samples as he will be able to access the independently trusted ProfilePrint report online. As a result, carbon footprints will be significantly reduced with less onerous physical grading as well as a reduction of samples shipped. Beyond rapid assessment, agribusinesses will also be able to use the ProfilePrint AI solution to propose blends based on tailored flavor requirement of their clients”, comments Mr. Alan Lai, CEO and founder of ProfilePrint.

ProfilePrint’s Partnership with the National Coffee Association of Guatemala

Also in the month of February, ProfilePrint officially formalized an alliance with Anacafé, the National Coffee Association of Guatemala to empower more than 125,000 Guatemalan coffee growers using the cutting edge A.I. technology to classify and grade coffee without prior cupping training. In addition, the company officially unveiled its Global SCA cupping A.I. predictor and participated as an official evaluator in the 19th edition of Let’s Talk Coffee in Honduras, empowering human experts to more objectively and efficiently ascertain the quality of all participating coffee samples during the three-day event.

ProfilePrint saved US$1.64M for a major client in the cocoa industry

Apart from being a profiling tool, ProfilePrint is also able to provide prescriptive analysis of food ingredients and offer recommendations to its clients to achieve the optimal blend for its products. ProfilePrint managed to help a major client in the cocoa industry establish the acceptable tolerance for its product and recommend a different set of beans for its blend, which resulted in savings of US$1.64 million annually.

“Agriculture 5.0 is a transformational wave that is bringing down several paradigms throughout the value chain of the coffee business. ProfilePrint’s technology helps to speed up the pace of this change and makes this transformation even more real. One of our main ambitions as a company is to continuously embrace innovation as a means to evolve our business, and we are extremely happy to share this journey with partners of such high caliber as ProfilePrint.” – Marcelo Pedro, Executive Director Coffee, North LATAM, Louis Dreyfus Company. 

“ProfilePrint’s technology could significantly expedite the quality assessment process to benefit the entire value chain – from farmers to roasters. We also see the potential of deploying this solution beyond coffee and into other differentiated food ingredients of cocoa, nuts, spices and diary.” – Sathyamurthy M, President, Olam food ingredients (ofi) Latin America.

“We are excited to be a partner as well as a client of ProfilePrint to leverage on such digital innovation and artificial intelligence technologies to improve efficiency across the coffee supply chains from farms to buyers. Sucafina has deployed the ProfilePrint solution in many locations globally and we’re happy for the additional deployment in Brazil.” – Dino Moderno, Head of South America, Sucafina


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