Origin Identification and Unveiling Subtle Variations

Optimising Tea Quality Control

Origin Identification and Unveiling Subtle Variations

Optimising Tea Quality Control


Maintaining consistent quality in agricultural products like tea can be challenging. Natural variations due to location, season, or processing methods, can subtly alter a product’s characteristics – even within the same tea type. Traditional methods, such as Certificate of Analysis (COA) data or tea sommeliers, may struggle to capture these subtle variations. This inconsistency can lead to challenges in maintaining product quality and brand reputation.

Solution: AI-Powered Food Fingerprinting

Our client, a global tea company, provided 12 tea dust samples from four different locations (A, B, C, D). Each location provided three batches, aiming to identify potential variations arising from seasonal or processing differences. 

Chart showing that Principal Component Analysis is able to separate the tea samples into Origins

ProfilePrint’s solution utilised unsupervised learning techniques to analyse complex data sets and identify patterns. We successfully achieved the following:

  • Distinguishing Source Location: All 12 tea samples were accurately categorised based on their origin (A, B, C, or D). This demonstrates the solution’s ability to identify subtle variations associated with geographical location.

  • Batch Differentiation (for Specific Locations): For tea samples originating from locations B and C, ProfilePrint further differentiated between individual batches within those locations. This capability offers valuable insights into potential quality variations within the same source.


This case study highlights the potential benefits of ProfilePrint for agribusinesses in the tea industry:

  • Enhance Consistency: Identify potential inconsistencies within seemingly identical batches, allowing for informed sourcing decisions

  • Deeper Quality Insights: The ability to differentiate between batches within the same source location allows for a more nuanced understanding of quality variations

  • Strengthen Brand Reputation: Ensure consistent product quality throughout the supply chain, ultimately strengthening brand reputation

ProfilePrint’s AI-powered solutions offer a data-driven approach to quality control, empowering informed decision-making and ultimately leading to a more robust and reliable supply chain.

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