Revolutionising Quality Control: Predicting Freshness

Ensuring Quality Consistency of Olive Oil Throughout the Supply Chain

Revolutionising Quality Control: Predicting Freshness

Ensuring QUality Consistency of Olive Oil Throughout the Supply Chain


The olive oil industry demands rigorous quality control, and maintaining consistent olive oil quality is crucial for producers, distributors, and consumers alike. Early detection of rancidity is vital to minimise financial losses and protect brand reputation. Oxidation, a natural – but detrimental – chemical process, negatively impacts the quality of olive oil. Traditional methods for detecting rancidity, such as lab analysis or sensory evaluation, are time-consuming and onerous.

Solution: Streamlining Quality Assurance with ProfilePrint's AI-Powered Ingredient Analysis

In a proof-of-concept (POC) project with our client, we showcased how ProfilePrint can significantly improve the identification of rancid olive oil. Our client provided a small sample set consisting of just 10 “Pass” and 11 “Rancid” samples, with varying levels of rancidity – from 5% to 100%.

We designed a custom scanning methodology for these olive oils, which includes using ProfilePrint’s transflectance dishes specifically crafted for liquid analysis. These anodised aluminium dishes, featuring a precisely controlled surface roughness, minimise signal noise and maximise reading accuracy.

ProfilePrint was able to capture the unique chemical fingerprint of each sample, with varying levels of intensity across the captured wavelengths.

An AI model was trained using 80% of the samples provided to identify differentiating patterns between “Pass” and “Rancid” samples. This model then analysed the remaining 20% of blind samples (i.e. untrained data) based on the learned spectral patterns, achieving a perfect 100% accuracy in predicting rancidity.


This experiment effectively demonstrates the potential of ProfilePrint to revolutionise olive oil quality assurance processes and reduce associated costs. Our solution offers several key advantages, including:

  • Accurate Predictions: Our solution was able to consistently distinguish between “Pass” and “Rancid” samples, despite the small sample set

  • Increased Efficiency: Testing time was significantly reduced compared to traditional methods, accelerating decision-making

  • Cost Savings: Early detection of rancidity allows for timely intervention, preventing wasted resources, and minimising the risk of recalls and returns

By leveraging ProfilePrint’s AI-powered solution, agribusinesses can streamline their quality control processes, enhance their overall efficiency, and ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality olive oil throughout their supply chain.

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