What is “Identity-as-a-Service” (IDaaS)?

ProfilePrint’s Chief Scientific and Technology Officer unveils how their Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) technology is transforming agri-food quality assessments.

In today’s agri-food industry, ensuring consistent quality is paramount. ProfilePrint tackles this challenge with a groundbreaking technology called Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS). Unlike traditional methods that only test for specific chemical compounds, IDaaS takes a holistic approach, leveraging ProfilePrint’s spectrometer device to get a whole picture of the ingredient’s quality. This technique creates a unique spectral “digital fingerprint” for each food sample, akin to a digital ID card. 

The power of IDaaS lies in its ability to extract a wealth of information from this fingerprint. Because it considers the complete ingredient chemical makeup, IDaaS can assess quality based on subjective parameters – like “good” or “bad” taste in coffee – without needing to quantify individual compounds. This is particularly beneficial for complex products where taste and aroma play a major role, such as coffee or wine. Additionally, by analysing these spectra with machine learning models to predict quality scores, such as coffee SCA scores, IDaaS provides a quantifiable measure of excellence. This comprehensive analysis paints a far more holistic picture of a food’s characteristics compared to traditional methods.

ProfilePrint's AI-generated prediction report featuring coffee SCA score and sensory profile

The advantages of ProfilePrint’s IDaaS technology are multifaceted. First, it offers a secure, cloud-based platform for storing and managing these digital food identities. This ensures they’re preserved long after the physical samples are gone, creating a valuable historical archive for future reference and analysis. Second, the rich data gleaned from spectral fingerprints allows for highly comprehensive quality assessment. This empowers all stakeholders across the agri-food supply chain – from farmers to distributors and even consumers – to make informed decisions based on reliable data. Finally, IDaaS promotes transparency and trust within the industry. By providing a secure, standardised method for recording and analysing food quality, IDaaS fosters collaboration and ensures everyone is on the same page. 

In essence, ProfilePrint’s IDaaS technology is revolutionising food quality assessment, paving the way for a more sustainable and secure agri-food future. 

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