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Fingerprinting Technology for Purity Assessment of Premium Rice

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Rice accounts for more than a fifth of the calories consumed by humans and is the third largest produced crop in the world. Its long history worldwide has resulted in many different varieties across the world with varying valuations, aromas, textures, and taste.

However, rice’s huge popularity and the presence of high-value varieties such as Hom Mali and Basmati has led to some unethical practices to meet this demand.  One common practice involves the mixing of lower grade varieties with higher priced ones to maximise profits. Hence, assessment and identification of the purity of high-value rice is an emerging need. Current assessment methods involves cooking the grains for evaluation, and is time-consuming, costly, and destructive.

To address these problems, ProfilePrint’s offers a ‘food fingerprinting’ spectroscopy solution to accurately ascertain the purity of rice in seconds, even in their raw uncooked form, rapidly and non-destructively, without the need for trained experts.

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